Spiral Art Club


I am Janet Dyer and I run SPIRAL ART CLUB.  The aim of SPIRAL ART CLUB is to inspire people to be creative and be proud of what they create.
As an artist and fully qualified art teacher I recognise that doing something creative can satisfy an element in a character.
I provide a place for people to come and be “arty”.  It could be painting on a canvas or designing a sculpture.  Most art mediums are available for you to “have a go” through to making a clay pot.  I hold courses, classes and full creative days for children, teenagers and adults.  I guide through step by step demonstrations and provide the materials to do something unique.
My workshop is situated in Penwortham, Lancashire.

Children’s art course

Each week creative children from the age of 8 attend SPIRAL Art Club for the after school art course. It is held in my workshop with groups of 8 children on either a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday 4.30pm till 6pm and lasts for a term. £10 each week.
Each term a new project is set and if they wish the children can continue on the course each term to build up skills and creative experiences. The projects are varied.  In the past we have taken our sketchbooks to the park, visited the local art gallery, painted portraits, designed and made a mug from clay, made a fabric hanging and created a Pop Art canvas. We have looked at contemporary and historical artists for inspiration.   Through the term we research, explore, record and create a final piece of work.  On the last week of the term we hold an exhibition to show friends and family the work we have done.
Have a look at the Gallery to see past projects on the children’s art course.

High school group

This weekly art session gives teenagers a place to focus on being creative.  They are able to create a personal piece or to produce work that is aimed at helping them through their GCSE Art exam.  There are generally 6 in each group.  They can bring in art work from school that I can help them with or guide them through a major piece of work.  All materials are provided.  Work done @ Spiral Art Club can be added to their portfolio of work for the GCSE exam and will be marked along with their other projects.  I can discuss this with the students art teacher.  Sessions are held each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 6.30pm till 8.30pm £15 each week.

Have a look at the Gallery to see the work that has already been done by the High School Groups.

Adult art and design group

Adults come along on a Tuesday 10am until 12pm. £15 each week.  Generally they are beginners wanting to “have a go”.  Projects are decided upon and I guide through step by step instructions.  They can choose the type of work they would like to do or I will direct them to something they will enjoy.  As well eating homemade cakes and drinking various teas, we have painted on canvas with palette knives, experimented with the colour wheel, learnt about perspective and much more.  If you are considering doing something creative I will guide you and provide the materials for you to make something you are proud to show off.  Or just come along for the tea and cake and have a chat to see if it is for you or not.  No obligation. Have a look at the Gallery to see what work has been done by the Art and Design Group.

The Adult Pottery Group

We get together every Wednesday 6.30pm until 8.30pm. £15 each week.
We either go through a project together step by step.  For example making a mantle clock from clay slabs or we decide on making something personal and each person does something different.  Once the basics of joining clay by coils or slabs have been mastered everyone is able to produce a piece that is unique.  Sometimes we paint pottery. The pot is already made and we design patterns and images to decorate with glazes.  It is very relaxing and satisfying.  You may have something in mind to make.  Come along the homemade cakes are an enjoyable part of the session—or so I am told!

Have a look at the Gallery to see the work that has been created.

Art Activity Days

During the school holidays I organise certain days or sessions for children and adults.  New projects are set each holiday and unless it is a clay project the work is taken home at the end of the session.  It could be a day project where you bring your own lunch or with adult projects lunch can be provided. The price differs as to the type of project and the duration.  Generally between £12 and £45

Have a look at the Gallery to see the work that has been created.


Children and adult art parties are held in my workshop.There is a choice of project from painting pottery, decorating t.shirts, bags, making a mosaic, or painting a canvas to name a few.

Children’s parties last for 2 hours.  There are drinks and snack included. Photographs are taken for each party member. It costs £90 for up to 6 children and £12 for each extra child up to 9 in total.

Adult Parties last for 3  hours. With drinks and cakes included.  They cost £120 for up to 6 adults and £15 for each extra adult up to 9 in total.

Have a look at the Gallery to see the work that has been created.


Nurseries,Primary and High Schools, and other organisations ask me to go to them and work with them to create an art project with something specific in mind. I can co-ordinate an art project to link with the national curriculum or design a commemmorative piece of art. I can start an art project off by giving advice and teachers’ notes to guide them through it. Or paint a mural on the wall! If you are looking to give children or adults a wonderful creative experience call me for a chat.

Take a look at the Gallery to see the photos of work done in the past.